Grading and general maintenance within the township is underway.  Please be patient with the operators and should any concerns arise, please address a Supervisor rather than a Township Employee.

There will be reconstruction and base repair to Woodley Hollow South of the Township Building and also to the short hill leading up to the Township Building in the next few weeks.

Following the completion of this base repair, seal coating and prime coating will commence on those projects and multiple other locations within the township as a result of our portion of the West Branch COG bid.

Two other projects that will commence as a result of our Dirt and Gravel Road application success.  Working with the Conservation District and Don Free, our Municipal Service Rep, we were able to restructure this contract and shift a large amount of funds from a sparsely traveled road (Shick) to a heavily traveled road. (Tallow Bottom)  The other part of this project is a small section of Mountain Road.

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