Winter Road Care

How Mill Creek Township Handles Winter Storms

Spreading Storm – Mill Creek Township considers lighter winter storms that produce 0-2 inches of frozen precipitation as a spreading storm.  This is because the spreading of cinders and anti-skid is the primary tool used to combat this type of storm.

Depending on timing, school bus routes and hills will be handled as the priority with heavier traveled roads to follow.

Secondary Roads may not receive treatment depending on temperature and current conditions.


Plowing Storm – Mill Creek Township considers a storm producing more than 2 inches of frozen precipitation as a plowing storm.

Unless snow is expected to fall over an extended time period, the township will not begin plowing until a majority of the snow has accumulated.  Depending on timing, the township may plow school bus routes, hills, and well traveled roads multiple times during the course of a single storm.

Depending on timing, the township may not apply anti-skid until all accumulations have ceased.


Ice – Mill Creek’s only option to deal with ice accumulation is cinders and or anti-skid materials.


The township can not possibly monitor all roads at all times.  We depend on YOUR input.  If a road is slick or has ice, please call.

We also also encourage you to be proactive in your winter preparation, see links below.






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